Although termites are active all year-round. Spring time is one of the most active times of year for termites in your area. Termites do more damage to homes than fire and flooding combined each year. If you think you may have termites call Assassin Pest Control today. 

Termites swarm during the spring most often after a rainfall. When a colony gets large enough (approximately 3 to 4 years) it will release the alates or swarmers. These winged termites are new kings and Queens. They are relatively weak fliers and depend on the wind to carry them for any direction or distance. If you see them fluttering about it means there is a mature colony close to your home or already there.

Termites live in social groups (colonies). Subterranean termites are cryptobiotic. This means they are hidden and rarely seen until the damage is done. They are hidden beneath the soil, beneath the surface of the wood or in their mud tunnels. It’s because of this that makes the subterranean termite so successful to avoid being noticed.

Let Assassin Pest Control assist you with all your needs from termite treatments to dry-rot and termite repairs.

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